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Data Privacy

Understanding the Difference Between Privacy Policies and Data Processing Agreements

Gain a thorough understanding of the fundamental difference between data processing agreements and privacy policies.

Company formation

Navigating the Path to Social Impact: Understanding the Formation of Section 8 Companies in India

Explore the intersection of business and social impact through the formation of Section 8 companies, revealing their true essence.

Data Privacy

California’s New Child Privacy Law

On September 15, 2022, California passed the California Age-Appropriate Design Code Act (CAADCA), a bipartisan agreement that promotes online safety for children at an international level. This law is due to take effect on July 1, 2024.

Cyber Security

Top 10 trends in global cyber security

In order to protect confidential data, it is vital to limit access to various technologies such as computers, phones and other systems. That is why controlling access to them is the cornerstone of cyber security.

Data Privacy

Legal liabilities of an Entity in the case of a Data Breach

Personal Information contained in the files of a business is a goldmine for hackers—they can now peek and monitor every aspect of a person’s life; personal matters, financial activities, and even social and political views among others.

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